SEH USB Periphery Solutions for All Networks

USB Virtualization via myUTN USB Device Server for various USB devices
USB Virtualization via myUTN USB Device Server

If you are looking for a method to access and share your USB devices via the network

– dongles, scanners, printers, telephone systems, alarm systems –  

don't look any further! 

SEH myUTN Device Servers Are Your USB to Network Solution!

Access your USB devices simply via the network – easily, flexibly, location-indepent, remotely – in just three steps:

  • Attach a myUTN USB device server to your network
  • Attach your USB devices to the myUTN USB device server
  • Install the UTN Manager software on all computers of users who are to access the USB devices and use them as if they were locally attached!

The myUTN USB device server provides a virtual USB cable extension via the network that allows you to use your USB devices where and how you like, including the full functional range!

Find out all about USB Virtualization with myUTN USB Device Servers right here!

  • For all network types: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, Fiber Optic, WLAN
  • For desktop virtualization environments, e.g. based on VMware, HyperV and Citrix XEN
  • Server-based computing environments (Citrix Presentation Server, Windows Terminal Services)
  • For environments with high security demands: Print data encryption (TLS/SSL), access protection etc.
  • Save investment costs: Several users access the same USB device, no need to purchase it in greater numbers
  • Special solution: Dongle server
  • And many fields of application!

SEH USB Device Server are listed in the VMWare and Citrix Partner Programs